Tuesday, December 26

Joseph's Japanese Adventures

Joseph of Sunday School fame made a pilgrimage to Gifu Prefecture this Christmas, to spread the joy of Christmas and to experience a little Japanese culture. After a rough trip in Air Mail, he soon got over his jet lag and made it to my LMS today to tell all the children about the origin of Christmas, and to partake in the pre-Fuyu-Yasumi (Winter Break) festivities.

This is Joseph's Story.

Taking a break after a taxing speech about the birth of his step-son, Joseph enjoys reading the local newspaper and beating out the kinks in his shoulder with the massage stick.

Always a great converstionalist, Joseph swaps stories and enjoys okashi (snacks) with Kyoto-sensei at tea time.

At the enkai, Joseph wastes no time digging in to the delicious exotic foods. Here he is trying out the caviar.

Taking a picture with the group.
Kampai, Joseph!

Joseph gets excited when everyone gets the right answer during the 2006 Kami Chu Awards quiz.

He even got to be the presenter for one of the awards.

Here, Joseph samples the sashimi and finds that raw fish can be delicious. See what a natural he is with his chopsticks!

Here he is witnessing Kocho-sensei's pinky-swear promise to do purikura with me when we go to the onsen in Gero.

Oops! I think that's enough sake for you, Joseph!
Joseph honors the Japanese tradition of briefly falling asleep at the table.

Aya-sensei helps him to his feet.
Onaka ga ippai!
(I'm full!)

It appears that Joseph isn't always a happy drunk, as he gets rowdy with a couple of the teachers.

Joseph manages to stumble through the door just in time. Thanks for the ride, Aya-sensei!

All in all, Joseph managed to make a good impression with teachers and students alike. If he's good, he may get a trip to the onsen next month!

Stay tuned for more of Joseph's Japanese Adventures!


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