Sunday, February 11

Inuyama Rocks

Taking advantage of our long weekend, Melissa and I headed to Inuyama (only about an hour plus from home, a nice little trip for late starters) here in Gifu Prefecture. It's usually listed as a day trip for Nagoya tourists, so it came as a small "huh-whaddayaknow" to find out it's actually in Gifu. Here we were thinking it was in Aichi. Huh. Whaddayaknow.

Unfortunately Joseph slept in and couldn't make it with us (he takes too long to "get ready", and we just couldn't wait) so you won't be seeing him today. Too bad, Joseph. Next time, buddy.

Well, please enjoy this photo journey through the wonders of Inuyama, Gifu Prefecture.

Forget hysterical, this museum is strickly histrical.

True to form, here is my ticket.

Entering the Inuyama Castle grounds.

Not feeling particularly suicidal today, Melissa decides to evade almost certain injury or death by skipping the pleather slippers. Here she shows us how to climb the steep entry staircase without knocking your noggin on the overhead beam.

They just kept pointing, aaand pointing, aaaand pointing...

Melissa on the super windy and kowai balcony.

"One of these things is not like the other..."
Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed the Marvin the Martian air freshener, you're right!

Lanterns outside the second shrine.

In front of one of the shrines next to the Castle.

Melissa makes a new friend while waiting for soba.

Kitsune Soba. Oishii!!!

Inuyama Castle from Marunouchi Koen (Park)

Melissa in Marunouchi Koen, near the Castle and nearer the car park.

Melissa takes a turn on the climbing rack...rope...ladder...thing.


Blogger Melissa said...


(^-^) This post put all kinds of chuckles in my oven!

P R E C I O U S...

Lest we forget.

10:53 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

I'm leaving that one for you, sister.

WV: secjw. "Sexshi wowee wow wow..."

8:18 AM


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