Thursday, March 22

Early Sakura

1nensei card

No, not the real cherry blossoms, which according to Melissa's Sakura Forecast are supposed to come out in the next week or so, but these sakura cards that are often used for making group message cards at special occasions.

The ones you see here today are from my last day at my Tiny Mountain School. Today.
The yatta thing about them is that I can understand everything!
I'm awesome!

Rendering of Renji, courtesy of Yuki-kun, AKA Ryu Suzak.
Born of animators who have been known to draw for BLEACH.
(Choir of angels...)

With the ichinensei we continued the trend started up at LMS with various poses. In spite of the fact that we had a Fighting Pose (where someone was getting knocked the what out by moi) and the hilarious Ballet Pose where they ALL did the pose (watch and learn, LMS... no, sorry, I love you.), the standard Peace Pose was chosen for the card. No worries. I'll ask Shokes for them later.

2nensei card
Center Renji courtesy of Yuko-san, 2nensei animator-extraordinaire
I can understand these messages too.

I actually got copies of two of the poses we did with the 2nensei - the Peace Pose and the Bankai Pose, but the Beautiful Gull Pose (a la Seira's interpretation of "Zorba's Three Promises") was omitted. Again, I'll be speaking to the Shokestress, who, incidentally and unfortunately, was out sick with the flu today.

Get Well Soon, Shoko-sensei!

In a related story, the generally not-delicious lunch was today quite edible and bordering on enjoyable. Hooray! Out with a bang!


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