Sunday, March 11

Bye Bye Sannensei!

All hail the Fish Empresses.
Hara-san and I sport the new Go Fish headbands I made.

This past Tuesday was my last day of English class with the 3nensei at LMS, so of course we did "fun" stuff. Actually, my first "great idea" turned out to be not that fun at all, but we did get to wear cool headbands!

What good sports!

At lunch we had kozakana, goma (sesame) and roasted soy beans. You may remember these little fish from my first Japanese school lunch ever. They're actually not bad, slightly sweet, not so fishy. And the beans kind of even out the flavor. Just be careful chewing - they'll stab you!

Below are a couple photos that hang in the hallway at school. Notice Yours Truly in the top left picture. Of course it's from what Todd would dub "The Lardo Days," last spring.

As an end-of-the-year exercise, Aya-sensei had the 3nensei kids write about their favorite memory from the past year. Here are a couple of their efforts.

This sounds like a good idea for all of us!

Later, we made a poster of all of their writings to hang up on Graduation Day, so all of their parents could see it.


Blogger Melissa said...

Awe Hara-san! Poor thing! You know right about then she was thinking "Yappari, gaijin wa hen ya ne!" (^-^) Those are some pretty snazzy heado bando's...Exactly how do they figure into the Go Fish, pray tell?

8:05 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

It was Body Go Fish. Each kid had a card and got played. They were fish.

8:07 PM


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