Thursday, March 8

Everybody Safety

Me and the entire 3nensei class of TMS.
Notice how the girls are in their formal uniforms, but the boys are maxin and relaxin in their sweats. And Daisuke, as usual, is in short sleeves. I think it hit a high of 5 degrees C today.

Today was the last day of class for the 3nensei in this town. So it was a sad day for teachers who care (like my Shoko-sensei) and maybe some kids. Although I didn't see any tears on their part.

Anyway, I was at TMS, so we had a special fun class with the 3nensei, and did skits with the 1nensei, ones they had prepared last week. The "Do It Talk" lesson they studied was

"Can I speak to So And So?"


"Just a minute."

They did an awesome job using lots of stuff they already knew and trying to be funny. Something I've noticed 1nensei are really good at. They're so comfortable with English and so eager to amuse themselves with it.

Fun with wigs.
The 1nensei girls and I.
You like the old rotary phone. Also a source of amusement for the kids.

It snowed on and off all day today, so during my free time in the afternoon I took advantage to go out and enjoy it. I actually miss snow...
If anyone knows who this fellow is, please share. I have seen him at two schools.

Plum blossoms and the eager reader.

You know, I was thinking about it, and while the silliness of this statement (especially the exclamation mark in the middle of the phrase, not the first time I've seen this) is great, it is comprehensible...


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