Wednesday, March 7

Kitty は三匹

Kitty's numbers are growing! Added to the Mito Kitty are Ocha Kitty and Gyuu Kitty.

Yesterday Aya-sensei gave me an omiyage of Gyuu Kitty from a recent trip to Shiga Prefecture. Notice her cow head. And yes, that is a slab of beef she's sitting on.

Ocha Kitty is from Nagano. Well, that's where I got her.
She's enjoying a delicious cup of Japanese tea.


Blogger Melissa said...

Man! Mito Kitty looks even more bad @$$ next to these sissys! Ocha Kitty Kawaii ne! I must admit that I find the cow kitty a bit disturbing...but kawaii none the less. (^-^) Aya sensei mo!

8:01 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

Yes, Ocha Kitty is so serene. Makes me want to drink tea along with her. And eat some karasumi.

9:12 PM


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