Tuesday, March 20

Extended Stay

In the front window of the Robot Museum by Sakae Station.

Today I got the day off to go into Nagoya to apply for a visa renewal, or Extension of Stay. Wheee! Of course, going to the Immigration Office is not a fun task, as it is full of many people, and many loud kids. I love kids, but not when it's a sauna in there, I'm hungry, have been waiting for a long time, and the kids are literally screaming, albeit in fun, and running rampant throughout the waiting area. People, watch your kids!!!

Anyhoo, I got business taken care of: bought the 4000 yen payment stamp I won't need until next time, handed in all the paperwork, wrote my address on a postcard, waited again to get my passport back with the "Applied" stamp in it and to hand in my postcard. Now I wait a couple weeks to get the postcard back and go back to get the visa stamp put in my passport. And get a re-entry permit to kill two birds with one stone.

After finishing I walked for a bit until I found a Starbucks. A few lucky turns brought me right to where I wanted to be, and I enjoyed some Starbucks for lunch. Easy lunch. From there I tried to find the international food/bookstore in Sakae, but was unsuccessful. What a dork. Then, back to Nagoya Station and on to home. Isabel Allende's Zorro, sent to me by mine mother, aided the Passing the Time Effort in a big way. Thanks, Mom! Gracias, Isabel! Oh, and on the way home I got to take the Central Liner without having to pay the extra 310 yen! Sweet!

Sorry I don't have more pictures, but it wasn't really that kind of a day.

Tomorrow, as an added bonus, is a holiday, so I've got another day off. We'll see what gets accomplished...


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