Wednesday, March 7

In Like a Lamb

Sunday's weather was gorgeous - 60's and sunny, perfect for badminton, catch and soccer at the park down by the river.

And here's how things looked for a while today: not warm, and snowy.

Today was my last day at LES. It's a great school, but I'm feeling a little relieved. My days of two elementaries a week are almost over...


Scooter Helmet

The fifth and sixth-graders.
This is a really good group. After having met other 6nensei classes (in general apathetic and not easily amused), I can appreciate what great kids these are.

The 6nensei will graduate soon, so they had their special graduation lunch today.
Lucky for me, I got to eat with them!

For 5 people. A graduation message for the 6nensei.

I'm so glad I got this picture. I saw him later in class and wished I could get a picture of his shirt, but it turns out I already had!


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