Friday, March 30


A children's store.

Yesterday was Trip 3 to Takayama, in less than a year. But each time was good. This week I went with the ladies from my LMS and the young daughter of one of them.

Apparently "Hysteric" is the little blond thing you see to the left.
"Glamour" would be the other fellow.

My roasting lunch with part of Yuki-chan's grillables in the background.
Of course I gave her the mushrooms.

Of course we did the tour de shoppes, then had some delicious Hida Beef for lunch, mitarashi dango (not as good as around "home") and headed home. Those ladies were on a mission to shop, and shop they did. I just got some things in anticipation of Mother's Day and some omiyage (souvenir edibles) for Aya-sensei to take to school today.

Trying on a jacket. I picked it for the tigers. Raaar!
(I can't remember the name of the jacket... Melissa, help me out!)

Good Times were had by all.


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