Sunday, April 1

Tokyo Sightseeing Guide *Useless!*

In anticipation of a future trip to Tokyo, I thought I'd read up on some fun and/or interesting things to do while I'm there. I typed in the promising words "tokyo sightseeing" and lo what I did find. Even if you never go to Tokyo, these guys are funny.

First off are the characters. Then the crazy scenarios at each site. Add to that the wacky English produced by their "idiot translation" software. Ah, Good Times ensue. Be sure to click on "English." There is even an ode to a "U.S. President who Pretzels blocks a throat" at the end of the Ikenohata entry.

Click on the picture to go to the site. Do enjoy!

In other news, today was a rather productive day. According to Yahoo! Japan Weather it was sunny all afternoon, but I would rate it more at "weakly sunny through some clouds a smidge thicker than haze."

Anyhoo, after going to bed in a t-shirt for the first time in months and also not using my electric blanket for the first time in months, I got up before 8, got my cleanse groove on, hooked up some breakfast and threw my comforter in the wash before heading out to weed my little garden. I even managed to get out the big stubborn weeds I had hoped would turn into Columbines (and therefore left all summer with no sign of flowers).

After that it was on to my windows. The previous tenants, in a mad attempt to thwart incoming mukade, had poured the white poison stuff in all the windowsills and above the front door. Newbie that I was, I followed their lead last spring, adding another layer. Today I cleaned that "all" out (I'm using "all" loosely here.) on three windows, two sliding doors and the front door. At least the front of the house looks better now and I don't have to worry so much about inhaling it when I get the windows all opened up.

Theeen, after lunching with "The Best of Cheri O'Teri" I went out for a decent run in which I pushed myself further than I was originally prepared to go. Before my post-run shower I cleaned the shower room. Then I had some foursies and did some reading. And watched "Thank You For Smoking." Eh. And now I will watch "Finding Neverland."

Tomorrow I must fill two 2-liter water bottles and bring them up the hill on my bike. Gambarimasu!


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