Wednesday, August 15

"ApostroHole" or "Don't Stay at This Place"

If you're hard up, and you just need a cheap place to stay, go here. But if you're just surfing about and think it looks nice, keep looking. I'm talking about Khaosan Tokyo. It's a 'hole.

If you want to stay out Asakusa way, try Aizuya Inn. It's clean, new, the rooms are comfortable, there are plenty of clean bathrooms and showers with ample dry changing space, body wash, face wash and shampoo/conditioner, laundry, etc. etc. There are several computers available with free internet, and the staff is very friendly. Also, no fee to hang out in the common room for a few minutes after checking out. For about 400 yen more per person, it's worth it.

We were so disappointed with our stay at Khaosan that the three of us knew something needed to be said. So I'm saying it.

Here are the pros and cons for staying at Khaosan Tokyo Hostel. To be fair, I'll list the pros first.

  1. It's 2 minutes from Asakusa Station and 5 minutes from Sensoji.
  2. It has a roof from which you can see the Sumidagawa and the Golden Turd.
  3. It's relatively cheap.
  4. There might be a fridge in your room.

Private Two-Person Room.
2500 yen per person.

  1. It's only sort of cheap compared to other places.
  2. There are only two showers in the whole place and they have VERY limited "changing" space. Also, they have public bathroom-style faucets - you hit the knob and water comes out for a few seconds at a time. The first floor shower room is right in the cramped entryway/check-in area.
  3. On the third floor there is one men's bathroom and one women's bathroom, and on the second there's only one for all.

Third floor mirror.

4. The rooms are small and dingy. If you have anything bigger than a regular backpack, it's going to be tight.

Todd steps out of his single private room.
Which, incidentally, opened up to the top of the stairs.
3700 yen

5. So are the showers.

Second floor shower

6. I found two pieces of garbage in our room.
7. There are no waste baskets on the third floor. Not even in the women's bathroom.
8. The three sinks on the third floor are placed just wherever there's space.
9. If you get a mattress, you can feel the springs just by touching them with your finger.
10. The window in our room was mostly blocked by the bunk beds and was all "warbly" so it let in limited light.

That's all I got for now.


Blogger Todd said...

Pro: You have to put the sheets on the bed yourself, so you know they've been laundered. From the looks-a-tha place you can't assume anything is clean.

Con: I hit my head (as shown in the picture) walking out of my room.

Con: I hurt my hand demonstrating how hard I hit my head.

Con: Instructions on how to lock the door include "Stick your finger in the side and push the little tab in".

Con: Even the germs had colds.

4:52 AM

Anonymous robin said...

Mmm - it ain't in Asakusa but until mid-March Abbey, (and friends), you are welcome to crash at Casa Robin. You get 7.5 mats of space, a TV, clean futons, and a couch but you have to share the kitchen and bathroom with the owner (moi!).

4:55 AM


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