Thursday, August 9

Everywhere are Signs

At the JR station, on the stairs to the platform.

Traveling about Japan by train, there are always plenty of signs to keep your eyes and mind busy. My favorites are the "manners" signs published by Japan Tobacco. They're quirky in a cute way, not just your typical "Engrish" business. Please enjoy.

(Sorry this one's so blurry...)

For more signs, check out the gallery on the JT website.


Anonymous Robin said...

OK - the train lines you use are SO cool! I've never seen these signs. :o(

Loved your Tokyo adventures!

8:44 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

Girl, you got to use the Chuo! I could have sworn I saw them on the chikatetsu too, but maybe I'm making that up...

10:03 AM

Blogger Melissa said...

Even Japanese logo-学生 have revealing seifuku skirts! And is that logo-salaryman sporting a murse (Man bag)?

2:39 AM


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