Friday, November 23

Aki Da... It's Fall in Gifu

Melissa got out of here just in time. This morning my kitchen room temperature was 4 degrees Celsius. That equals 41 degrees American. It also equals visible breath, CHANSU to unplug my refrigerator, at least at night, and unpleasant aseo. Dishwashing, for the Spanishly-impaired.

This week is also Thanksgiving. Well, it stopped being Thanksgiving at home a few hours ago, but it never was Thanksgiving here. Even so, we had a Thanksgiving lesson at the elementary school on Wednesday, where I gave them the simple version of the Thanksgiving story and then we made various crafts, depending on the level of the kids. The fifthnensei made these lovely paper dolls. The 6thnensei were too weirded out by them, since unless you put some hair on they're completely bald. And with really big faces. I think she kind of looks like a Japanese high school girl, but that's just me.

You can see how kids might confuse marijuana leaves with those of the Japanese maple (or whatever it is).

In the meantime, the fifthnensei made these lovely portrayals of views from the school. I think they're pretty cool.
I love where I work!!!

I think this girl did an especially good job with the houses.
Inaka daisuki!


Blogger Melissa said...

アビちゃんは恵那に来て出会って本当によかった!感謝しよう!Happy Thanksgiving!

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