Monday, December 3

Scenes From Japan

I don't really have a story to tell today, except that I totally disappointed myself yesterday on the JLPT Sankyuu (Level 3).

Anyway, I've been taking pictures here and there, so here they are, a hodgepodge of
Life in Japan This Fall.

Offerings of kimono for Shichi-go-san, a November holiday for kids turning 7, 5 and 3 years old.

There really are blind folk in Japan.
And cushions for the train station benches.

Evening around the corner.
I love where I live.

Let's puri.

The elementary special ed milk house gets ready for X-Mas.

At Enakyo

Why would I want to leave this?

Enakyo Wonderland and its Wonderful Scenery-Breaking Ferris Wheel

From Kasahara JHS 3A's International Day tea ceremony

Apparently a combination Kappa-Eel

Outside Tajimi Station.

Out to dinner with the kids.
Bai-bai, Merissa.

In honor of my brother, Todd, who made such a valiant effort to capture this image, with little luck.

Outside a cafe in Nagoya

Nagoya at night.

Shogi table outside a restaurant.

After performing miserably on yesterday's Japanese test, we went to the "cinema" to see Beowulf for the low-low price of 1800 yen. I was about to download it for free the other day, but thank goodness I didn't.

My rating for the $18 viewing of Beowulf: Resist temptation and don't bring your kids. There were some little ones in there, and if I was disturbed by some of the scenes, I can only imagine the nightmares those tykes had last night.

Offerings include Butter-and-Soy-Sauce taste popcorn, churritos and coffee.

The sprawling theater.

Two dollars worth of candy.

Wide screen


Blogger Melissa said...

心配するな!I'm sure you did just fine on the JLPT. KIT KATS! (^-^)v

Oh, those miniーbig screens!懐かしいなぁ。

8:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

$18! I hope that included the soy sauce flavor for the popcorn. Was the candy originally in plastic...or was it given to you via a dispenser? (was that a 60" plasma)?

11:22 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

Nope, 1800 yen just got me in. And the candy came from a dispenser. I couldn't even eat it all...

6:10 AM


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