Friday, May 30

After Work

Editor's Note: I had this post ready to roll a few days ago, but then forgot to post it... Heah you aah:

Another reason I love my job so is the drive to and from work. It's always beautiful, no matter what the weather. There's always a reason I think to myself "I wish I had my camera" or "I wish I had time to pull over." Of course, the album of my mind is chock full of beautiful views, and I always console myself with the thought that I could never do it justice with the camera.

I stayed late at school this past Tuesday, doing club activities with the kids (running with all the kids 'round and 'round the school, and then a little sprinting with the track and field club), so as I was driving home, the sun was setting behind Kasagi-yama and its neighbors. Feeling good and with a camera in tow, I made a u-turn and went right back to the spot with the view. Maybe these pictures aren't totally "accurate" as to what my eye was seeing, but I hope they can give you an idea of what my drive is like.

The Ar-J in front of a construction site.
Sadly, there's always something going up around here, and it's usually more and more "Western" in its design.

I love where I live!


Blogger Melissa said...

Oh... It looks like the perfect time for taking walks back in Higashino! I miss the sounds of the frogs and the smell of the rice plants! And the mountains, mochiron!

11:13 PM


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