Monday, December 22

Why I Love My Job: Reason #287

The reasons are really too many to count, but here's a few:

Grande School
From Akane, 3nensei

At my junior high schools, part of my job is to check the students' notebooks. At one school, the kids write letters to me once a week in a special notebook.

Day Hips
Oh, thank you for the chuckles and more chuckles.

It really says "Day trips," in reference to my plans for the upcoming Winter Vacation, but I'm hoping at least Todd and Melissa appreciate the bi-level humor here.

At the other school, I just check their regular homework notebooks. Usually only one student writes to me each week, but today there were two letters from 2nensei. I offer you one:

What Ryosei's notebook usually looks like.
(That's not my evil writing on the left.)

What Ryosei's notebook looked like today.

I'll let you imagine the ginormous, cheesy Kool-Ade Smile I had on my stupid face after reading this letter. Unfortunately, I was out sick on the Thursday in question, but you can bet your bottom dollar I was in the gym with them today... and I'll be out on the "ground" with them this Thursday.

Oh, Teachers, to know the joy of being appreciated!


Blogger Melissa said...

Oh, Abbey. Always so gentle (^_<)

Grande School? Kawaii~! Limoñadé!

Day Hips! I mean, really, what were the chances? If only they had by some Christmas miracle mentioned the mythical wall...

Ryusei put some mad effort into that there letter yo. I hope you played soccer with them like it was going out of style. Soak it up sister! Live the dream!

11:14 PM


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