Tuesday, December 23

"A Second Chance at Life" or "I'm an Idiot" or "Happy Birthday, Mr. Emperor"


So, while out celebrating the Emperor's birthday with a run today, I got hit by a car.

Sort of. After just narrowly escaping being hit by one driver who didn't look left before turning, due to my gazelle-like springing agility, I didn't quite escape the second one. Who also didn't look left before turning. I have to accept some of the guilt, as I saw her not looking and should have stopped and waited, but I was almost at the end of the run, which happens to be at the top of a steep hill. So she hit me. Kind of. Fortunately, she had almost come to a stop and was pulling out to turn, so a couple of hands on the hood for balance and a few quick steps backwards kept me from ending up under the front of her car. And also fortunately, she didn't push me all the way across the lane she was turning into, because a car passed by in the other lane just as she stopped. But she screamed, and I half-smiled some reassurance with my face rigid from the cold and exertion, waved a "daijoubu" and ran on. A second chance and a lesson learned for both of us.

Tora and Dragon

And that's all the excitement for today. Other than that, I offer you some pictures taken at a temple (?) near my house, that happens to be under construction... and housing a mikoshi from the Aki Matsuri. I spotted it while running by, and had to go back for pictures after I finished.


And there were also cherry blossoms! Grown from the branch of a tree in Aichi-ken, this little sakura blooms in November and December. What a pleasant surprise!

,White seed casings before a backdrop of ominous skies.
My tree.


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