Monday, May 1

Souji a lo loco

30 April 2006

What a productive weekend. Sort of.

First of all, don’t let the rain fool you, the weather has been glorious. The first half of today was shorts weather – and I eventually did indeed get my shorts on.

I won’t comment on yesterday (it sucked) except to say that the weather was nice, I did like 4 loads of laundry, including a new towel and my sleeping bag-comforter. I also dusted the whole house, cleaned the toilet, dust-mopped, washed and waxed the kitchen floor, cleaned my room up and dust-mopped the tatami, finally cleaned up the heaters and the coat rack in the front hall, the “bathroom” sink aaaand… that’s about it.

This morning I washed the bedroom curtains and my blanket before heading out to walk to Enakyo. I stepped outside in my long-sleeved t-shirt, did a 180 and went back in for short sleeves. I walked up to Enakyo (only took about half an hour, I don’t know why I thought it would take long), past the entrance to Enakyo and on for more exploring, and more walking. On the way back I stopped down in Enakyo for some gohemochi and some R&R by the water, to put my thoughts on paper.

(Delicious, delicious, gohemochi. I swear to love you and cherish you always.)

Got home, threw on the shorts, soaked up some rays, ate my gohemochi, then “washed” the Mira with the wonderful little hose outside, some water and some dry “swiffers.” While some soap probably could have done a better job, at least now there aren’t black streaks, and I got most of the Chinese sand remnants off. At least now it’s presentable.

(I'm sorry, is the moon out at this hour? Oh, no it's just my pale-o leg. Sarks and all.)

Once the sun was gone I swiffed the rest of the floors and washed the floors in the hallway and the computer/clothes-drying room. Swept out the entrance way, cleaned the kitchen sink, stove and the pain-in-the-butt aluminum (?) backsplash behind the stove and settled in for some puter time. I guess that about makes up for the last three weekends of not really cleaning.

Eventually the rain came and the Chinese sand, and got my car dirty again. Imagine.

Tonight I’m looking forward to the gyoza I’ll most likely have for dinner, some Bleach time (gaa – only a few more episodes to go! Then it’s down to the bookstore for the manga!) maybe some Cien anos de soledad (halfway through my 3rd reading. It’s so wonderful!) and/or some Japanese benkyo.


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