Friday, September 15

Genki School Rocks!

Today was my first day back at GS since before summer vacation, and I was really glad to be there. Don't get me wrong, I really like my two mountain schools, but the kids at GS are different. They're so genki and outgoing. They have so much energy and there's always someone who wants to talk to me.

I had three classes today, which were dull to say the least. Para variar. But in the downtimes the kids seemed glad to see me again, and were super friendly. I have to say that my improved Japanese helps A LOT. Unlike elementary kids, JHS kids will give up if you don't understand after a couple tries. Anyway, my old pals were there and I got to chat up some kids who were previously on the fence with me.

After lunch and souji was practice for tomorrow's Sports Festival. I skipped the fifth period slot, as it was pretty sunny, and there's only so much Sports Festival Practice you can watch before you start to fear that the real thing will be BORING. Eventually I decided that I was the only one inside besides the secretary, so I headed out to "help" with preparations. The kids were engaged in the timeworn tradition of picking grass and looking for potentially dangerous rocks on the field, chores I helped with at LMS. At GS today I was sure to give them good supervision and encouragement: "Nice work. You're doing a fine job. Gambare." I actually did lend a real hand with the raising of a couple tents and carried some rocks all while harassing as many kids as possible. I got to talk with a lot of students, all of whom were actually happy to chat with me. Even the quiet kids said hello to me first. They were in rare form today!

A group of girls followed me about, asking about my love interests. They wanted me to point out a boy who was "my type." As I was not about to start clocking (anyone remember that term?) 15-year-old boys, I asked a couple of them their age. To the girls I said "Ok, he's 14 and he's 15. Him plus him equals me." The boys of course were oblivious, but I think the girls got what I was after.

I'll have you know, however, that I did accept a marriage proposal from Sweet Honey 2, but I'm pretty sure deep down he would really rather marry Sweet Honey 1.

After SFP it was Goodbye Time, where I get one last chance to reach as many kids as possible on their way out. Most of them return my Bye's and See You's, and as I said before, I think it means a lot to them that I'm there. My work of loving students (not in that way, pervos) is never done! Unfortunately, I won't be back to GS for two weeks. While last term I was there at least once a week, this term I'm there sometimes once a week. I think there's even one month where I don't go at all. I'll surely go through withdrawal! Maybe I'll have to stop by after school once in a while, just to keep contact.

Anyhoo, bolstered by the genkiness of the kids, I rushed home (after picking up my shaken sticker) to throw on my running stuff and get out there. I passed a bunch of GS and GES kids on the way, all of whom were surprised to see me. Good Times. Gotta keep them on their toes. It turned into a great run - I walked a bit after the obligatory 20 minutes, but then I threw in another 10 or 15 of running as I went to find a good route for riding my bike to GS and back.

And here I am. Tomorrow morning I'll be up and out by 8 for the LMS Sports Festival followed by an enkai with the teachers. Good Times are ahead!


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