Monday, September 11

Not-So-Intense English School

Today I was at that intense-English elementary school I've been to a few times. I forgot what I called it. It was also the first day there for one of the New Kids, his first time with StarStar. Poor thing.

The classes themselves went pretty crappily, but the kids were really excited to see me and remembered my name when asked en masse during the ceremony in the gym, so that was cool. I had a great time hanging out with them, playing tag in the intense heat and sun of hiruyasumi, using a Bleach-learned word: Nigerou! Run away! and just enjoying their attention, energy and enthusiasm all day. Elementary school is always good for the heart and soul. Little sweeties.

After school I waited for the sun to go away and the "coolness" to come, had a great run to my new Brazilian music, including this jam (what's up Baby? - my boyfriend Q-Tip):

My legs were still beat from all that soccer yesterday, but I was feeling good, groove was in the heart and I was very productive, including in the post-run "cool down" walk which included an extra trip down the killer hill and back up for an extra kick to the calves and thighs. Sweet burn.


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