Thursday, September 14

Souji, Suckas!

Souji Time

Yesterday I was at GES, loving the kids and having a great time talking and playing with them, having a 25-minute conversation about Bleach with a couple of the 5nensei's during hiruyasumi. I'm really impressed that those kids stuck around that long to talk to me with me my limited Japanese. Just shows what kind of Bleach fans they really are! Which leads me into the Cute GES Events and Comments of the Week:

1.) The Bleach kids asked me how long I would be coming to their school. When I told them at least March, his reaction was "Oh, good! We can talk a lot, then!" He meant about Bleach, of course, but that's pretty awesome.

2.) During one of the classes I opened my introduction by telling the kids that I was Japanese. I got a few of the shocked looks of disbelief, until one kid asked what color my eyes were. I let him come up and see, and it turned into the whole class lining up to see that my eyes really weren't black or brown. In that light they happened to be, in the word of the kids, grey. It surprises me that my eye color surprised them. It's like they didn't really notice until they got up and looked. That was a fun class - the teacher could do kids' TV, he's like a goofy actor. Good Times.

3.) Looking at the picture of me and the Multicultural Club (MCC, Baby!) at my going-away pizza party, a couple of the kids asked me if I'd lost weight. Wow! They noticed just from that picture! When they asked me if I dieted, I said no, just running. Awe---soooome!

It turned out a lot of kids at GES really like Bleach, and after the classes, when the kids were "helping" me get my stuff together, a few of them asked me to give them my pictures of Bleach and Renji. Which got me thinking about how I could give them something Bleach. Which lead me to the fabulous idea of homemade stickers. So I stopped at Kahma after school, picked up some sticker/label (raberu) paper and headed home to find some sweet Bleach images (Bleach Portal is awesome). After a successful printing at school today, I was psyched to make some more. Not everyone's a Bleach fan, but I think it's safe to assume that everyone is an Abbey-sensei fan. So I whipped up some original stickers to the tune of "I [heart] Abbey-sensei," "Abbey-sensei is my HERO" and "I want to be like Abbey-sensei," with of course the standard "English is cool" and "I [heart] chocolate." Which lead into Abbey-isms, which in turn inspired today's souji shots. Thank you to my photographer, S-sensei for her time and talents after school. Please dig my new brown school shoes. They're pretty sweet.

I can't wait to print and award these stickers. Nice. I'm nice.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I so want one of these! You ARE nice (^_<) Sweep that floor girrrrl!

12:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Souji Time"- you may have met you match with "Sauer-San"!

4:23 AM


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