Tuesday, February 13

AR-J's Belly and I Heart Japan Post

AR-J's Belly

Yesterday evening I opened the hood of my car for the first time, in order to refill the wiper fluid. No small task, as I had to really get down and look for the latch to pop it open. Once I got the hood open, however, it was all I could do to contain myself when I saw how cute the engine was. I was actually squealing with delight over the cuteness of my car's engine. And of course I ran inside to get my camera so I could document it for you people. The engine, not the squealing.

After finding the hood latch, once I then had to search for the bar to hold the hood up.
Oop! There it is, that little bar you see there to your left. Kawaiiiiiiiii!

The second half of this posting refers to the promptness with which I received my birthday present (once it was mailed, that is. Remember, my birthday is in September.) My brother threw my STRAIGHTENING IRON (slash curling iron) and my present (pair of UnderArmour gloves, sweet) into a Global Priority envelope, sent it out from the P.O. on the equivalent of my Saturday morning, and it was in the mail slot when I got home this evening. And yesterday was a national holiday here. (Today's Tuesday). Postage may be slightly more expensive in Japan, but boy is it ever fast. Send it today, it could potentially get there the same day. Generally the next day. Now that's service. And consider that I don't live on a named street or have a number written on my house. And Todd wrote my address in romaji, not Japanese.

Please see below image for proof. You may need to click on it for better inspection.

The bottom left circle is the Japanese stamp: 19.2.13, 19 being the year (19th year of the Heisei Era) February 13. Today. That's the 12th at home. Three days.

Here's another example: Last week I sent a copy of my NYS driver's license to be translated. I sent it out late Monday afternoon and the translation was delivered to me on Wednesday.

Japan Post, I salute you.


Blogger Todd said...

This entry was photastic. More pictures and less words equals more easy for American boy to read.

I think next we'll need pics of your straight/curly hair, accentuated by some gloves.

VW: pagmc - similar to Aflac (insurance company). You have to say it with a nasally voice (Pag Mac).

1:20 AM


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