Saturday, March 3

Courage is ~ing

Yesterday at GS I got rescued from imminent boredom in a 2nensei class and was stolen away to a 3nensei class where they were doing the last reading in their textbook, a reading on courage.

The book was too cute not to share with all of you, and so were some of the ideas the kids came up with as to what took courage.

(Now that's courage!)

"Courage is studying in Japanese class."
Her reason? The teacher is scary!

"Courage is telling own feeling to my friend."

"Courage is being hungry but not eating."

"Courage is washing my hair after watching a scary movie."

"Courage is buying expensive thing."

"Courage is getting up early in winter."

"Courage is raising my hand and opinion."
The boy who wrote this one was so cute about it, checking with me twice before sharing it with the class.

Here are some I came up with:

...eating natto for the first time.
...going alone.
...saying no.
...being the first one.
...driving off the map.


Anonymous Robin said...

Courage is...

Thanks for that post. I needed to be reminded of a few of those in particular. ;o)

7:34 AM


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