Wednesday, February 14

Mystery Solved

My Kitty-chan is indeed not of Inuyama, but of Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture (NOT near here).
She is the feline reincarnation of Mito Koumon, an Edo-period daimyo and compiler of historical works. And center of an extremely long-running (36 seasons) TV show of the same name.

Now you know.

Special thanks to Aya-sensei for her clarification.


Anonymous robin said...

Mito is near me!

9:06 PM

Blogger Melissa said...

良いテンッパをありがとう!My class was super-tanoshii! We just played GO FISH but they loved it! Yay!

That プリ was おもしろい、especially since "Staight Life" can be interpreted in a number of ways. Every man`s nuts!

I think its about time for another...


10:37 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

I meant my HAIR was storeito! And LIFE is good! Omoshiroi, Melissa-sensei!

6:35 PM


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