Wednesday, February 28

Super Puri Special

Today's Purikura Selection is dedicated to IES (Intense English School) and is brought to you by the good folks at Valor, Mos Burger and the Number 12.

This is not the first time I've seen this graffitti (believe me, it stands out as there is not much graffitti round these parts). I don't know what it's supposed to mean, but I can't help but hear one thing in my head each time I see it.

No, I don't know why Melissa likes to stick her tongue out so much...

Yes, today was my Last Day EVAR at my Intense English School, gracias a Dios. I was both reminded why enjoying it has always been so difficult, and at the same time pleasantly surprised by the usually blase (blazay) 6nensei. They enjoyed my lesson and were uncharacteristically attentive. Maybe because I actually had them do something different and challenging. Imagine. And of course the wonder that is the Pink Stitch-Green Frog Chance Meeting Dialogue (adjusted to fit any language structure) did not fail to amuse.

Ingredients for a guaranteed laugh:

1. (Pink Stitch and Green Frog emerge from behind my back on either side.)
2. Me: (whistling) "fwee-dee-doo-dee-dooo"
3. Pink Stitch and Green Frog: (meeting in front of me with surprise) "Oh! Hello!"
4. Students' inevitable laughter

Why this causes even the oldest students to laugh time and again is beyond me. But hey, if it ain't broke...

Even poop can give the peace sign.

Aaanyhoo, I finally made it out and Melissa and I met at Ye Olde Valore for some celebratory puri. Much to our chagrin, there was a plentitude of high school girls (and I am not using the word "plentitude" lightly) there for the same reason. Eventually we got in, and to our delight somehow the puri was already set to go. We didn't realize until after the first two shots went off
Us, in our minds: Why is the flash going off? Does it always do that?
Melissa: It's not taking my money... It's not taking my money!
Me (in my mind): No wonder they were servicing the machine and no one is using it...
Us: Oh! It's taking pictures! Hooray, free puri!

So we got some free purikura from the new machine. Whippeeeeee!

I only have one hat.

The first round was dedicated to IES, and the second round was straight up jubilant purikura in our regular machine. The Decoration Inspiration was running low, but I think we did a decent job.

Japanese students ready to answer the question.
Dedicated (for me) to my LMS 2nensei who raise 3 fingers and say "Me too" to signal that they agree with the answer given.

Another naughty beast about to get schooled.
And Melissa with her shoulder blade and alien fetish.

After puri we had a celebratory round (no pun intended) of sushi at Ye Olde Unye Kaitenzushie. Another Whippeeeee! Oishikatta yo. Although I could have done with a little more wasabi...

I also got a new Puri Purse, in which to keep my give-awayable purikura. It was getting to be a pain keeping it in the increasingly stuffed section of my wallet. Arigatou, 100 yen shop!


Blogger Todd said...

Picture #2: "Boob Licker"

WV bksmai - Get yo hands offa that, bksmai (because it's mine).

4:42 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

There's a sucker there!!!!

7:01 AM


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