Tuesday, February 13

How Many Cans...

When I went to bed last night, after a three-day weekend, I was able to fall asleep easily and sleep well. Why, you may ask? Well, mostly due to the fact that today I was not going to GES, but to my LMS. And that makes me infinitely happy.

The morning started off great - I managed to get the garbage out and still leave on time. The morning was cold but beautiful, I got there a few minutes earlier than normal, everyone was cheerful, and I had our Tongue Twister Tournament to look forward to. Over the weekend I hooked up some fun-shaped erasers and a gold medal for the winning team/representative, and I couldn't wait to award them. Here you can see Ayaka accepting her prize.

"How many cans can a canner can if a canner can can cans?" Winning time? Two seconds flat.

The winner and her supporting group. With their erasers. Some more enthusiastic than others.
Check me out mackin' the macket.

Good Souji

Just before lunch one of my 3nensei's greeted me excitedly on the stairway to show me the "Good Souji" poster. This only means a lot to me because A.) I say that to them every time after souji, whether I saw them do souji or not and B.) I always give a dorky thumbs-up sign. So I have inspired the title to what is to become the "How to Do Good Souji" poster on the stairway. The sannensei were working on it today, so maybe next week I'll have the finished product for you.


If you're from this area (what area, I'm not sure... Gifu? Tono?) you know what karasumi is. A squishy delectible delight concocted from some sort of rice business and sugar. Of course there are different kinds, but I like mine straight up. Today during 6th period some of the teachers who weren't busy got busy whipping up some karasumi in the teachers' lounge. I think it was for Valentine's Day. In the end, we all got a "bar." Yummyyyyyyy.

You can't have tri-colore karasumi without food coloring.

The ringleader, Hara-san steaming the molded karasumi.

Karasumi mold and two specimens waiting for transfer to the steaming pot.

The finished product.
I believe the one on the right came home with me.


Blogger Melissa said...

Awe! The sign is so you! The resemblence is unmistakeable!How cute is that? It has long eyelashes and everything (and by everything I mean the tongue sticking out...Is that meant to compliment the dorikiness of the thumbs up thing?)

Kawaiii! The boy next to Ayaka`s socks are so...so...whats the word Im looking for here?


1:07 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

分かった! You mean, "the socks belonging to the boy next to Ayaka," not "the boy who is next to the socks belonging to Ayaka..." Kawaii, ne. That's what happens when you outgrow your uniform pants. I hope he can get new ones for next year!!! Con razon que se llama Takahide!

4:27 PM


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