Tuesday, March 6

Good Souji Suru Hito

As promised, I present to you the Good Souji Sannensei Group Photo. This was the first and only time I had English with all of the 3nensei, that is, including Take-chan, one of my two Special Ed. kids. And today, incidentally, was my last class with him and Dai-chan together, as he will graduate on Friday and won't have to come to school for the next two weeks. That was a little sad. I love my little Sugi no Ko class...

Anyway, I love my 3nsensei babies, too, and today was my last class with them. Beginning in April they will start a brand new life outside of Kamiyahagi, down off the mountain, potentially with kids from all over the prefecture.

Good luck, Babies! Please stay wonderful and country!


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