Thursday, December 6

Merry X'Mos

In a double whammy of sacrilege, MosBurger whips out its Holiday Offerings.

After a decent workout and a lovely stretch, P-chan and I decided to undo our efforts in the usual fashion: with dinner at MosBurger. Now, while we foreigners may like to delude ourselves into thinking MosBurger is healthier than Micky-D's (which it very well may be), we must keep in mind that "healthier" is a relative term, not necessarily guaranteeing "healthiness."

At any rate, this season MosBurger is offering MosChicken Pack, for a mere 1050 yen for 5 pieces. Those joints had better be big.

Amused by the posters, I took some pictures for y'all. Fifty Brownie Points if you can guess which one I like better, and why. (Answer below.)

(Answer: The second picture is my favorite because of the chicken piece with the beard.)

(Disclaimer: As my former students often were, you may be disappointed to know that Brownie Points are chalked up and kept in my heart, and not tallied on paper or redeemable in any monetary fashion. Just love.)


Blogger Todd said...

I was going to comment on how dark and subpar your pictures where when it dawned on me I had the brightness tuned way down on my laptop to extend the battery life.

I would like to rescind my negative comment.

Those chickens look mad tender and mad plump. I don't know about 200 yen apiece kind of tender and plump, but they look-ded good.

Merry X'Mos.

P.S. I just made a chocolate cake with chocolate/peppermint frosting all from scratch. I will weigh 300 lbs tomorrow.

12:11 PM


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