Monday, June 2

Happy 40th, Shonen Jump! And Other Sundry Items

Waiting by the clock.
Including two of Nagoya's Finest

On Saturday I took a special trip into Nagoya with the sole purpose of purchasing a new Canon PowerShot A650IS, which I did. And that's the end of that story. I spent the remainder of the time before my train doing a little gift shopping at Tokyu Hands and taking pictures around the station. Here you go.

Still can't make two-sided copies...

Apparently Shonen Jump (the great manga magazine) is celebrating it's 40th, so Roots canned coffee is saluting them, while at the same time drawing great attention to their product.


I lost to her at arm wrestling...

Big Decisions

Train Etiquette

The boss always tells the same story and laughs at the same place...


Train to Tajimi

Checking out the jikokuhyou.

Platform 7 and Three-Quarters

Death Note and Harenchi Gakuen

My neighbor's sleepy hands.

Don't underestimate the sneakiness of the flip-out viewfinder!



Blogger Melissa said...

Omdetou! I know you've been a-missing your flip-out viewer for some time now (^_<)

Looks like your making up for lost time! If I know you, you took even more pics that you posted...

That one with the woman in a kimono on her ketai in front of the advertisement is pretty cool. Well seen!

11:09 PM

Blogger Todd said...

It sounds like your spirits are up again. Lots of photos, and lots of happiness that seems to go with them. I'm glad you're back in emotional black.

1:17 AM

Blogger Todd said...

And I might add that your hand is not through the camera strap. Will you never learn, dear sister?

1:18 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

On the camera strap note, I might add that on Monday, two days after I got it, the strap broke mid-transport. Thank goodness I had the camera in my hand to avoid swingage, so I didn't notice the separation from the rest of the strap until I went to pick it up again after setting it down... Grrrr!

6:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Noone has (which is unbelieveable to me). I was going to for my new travel blog and googled and found yours. I decided not to register it because my name is ALSO Abbey lol and I thought that might confuse people :o)

Anyway, you should register it, it will cost you $10/yr at most and you can just point it to your blogger page and not pay any monthly hosting still but then noone else can steal such a cool title from you.

Just an idea, take care!!

12:01 PM

Blogger M.Kate said...

what a cool camera :)

12:20 PM


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