Monday, June 2

Sakura at School

Editor's Note: Found this post sitting in my post box... It's from April 29th. Better late than never, I guess.

Sorry, these pictures are a little old... or at least they seem so by spring's standards. I guess they were taken about three weeks ago...

Kasagi-san watches over the valley.

Last summer I was surprised to see corn standing here, across from Coco convenience store.

This "compound" (probably houses a couple generations) boasts several mountain sakura trees.
Sorry, I took this one from inside my car... out the passenger window... while at a red light...

How happy does it make me to see her every day...

My first week back to school I had A LOT of free time while the kids were taking tests, so I busted out the camera while the gettin's were good.

Where I do souji every Tuesday and Friday.

It's as if cherry trees purposefully grew moss and lichens on their bark just to provide a contrast for the blossoms.

If anyone knows what these are... I think they're neat.

End of the Line.
The single-car Akechi-bound train waits at the station.
On my way to Nagoya to pick up my visa extension.


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