Thursday, July 10

I Love My Job, Part A Million

Not a super exciting day, but a decent day anyway.

I just wanted to share with you a couple of the 2nensei notebooks I checked today.

Apparently on one of the days I wasn't there the kids did the following exercise where they replaced some of the words from a reading in the textbook with their own.

Here's a great effort by Takeguchi, one of my souji pals and a man after my own heart:

T Takeguchi: oh! Look at the chokolate.
T' Tomoy[a]: Do you like it?
T: Yes, I think it's yamee (oishii)
T': Thank you. chokolate is important to us.
T: How much is it?
T': It's 200 yen.
T: ok. I'll take it. Here is the money.
T': Thank you. I'll put it in a box.

Sunao, who enjoys English and goes to an eikaiwa (English conversation school) did the following:

A: No! Look at many litters!
B: Do you like it?
A: No! I think these're dirty.
B: Thank you, litters are good to me.
A: How much is it?
B: These're 777 yen.
A: These're!? No. But lucky price.
B: Oh, deer. I'll corect these in a corectbox.

Sorry, but I think these Do it talk 4 +alpha are funny.

Sunao, I quite agree.

I love my job. And my kids.


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