Monday, June 23

A Stupid Day

Well, the day itself wasn't stupid, just the folks enjoying it. Ok, P, not you...

In an attempt to get out of the house/apartment on a lovely Sunday afternoon, Lil P and I headed "downtown" for a photo journey of our beloved city. Town. Our purpose was to explore some of the lesser traversed (by us) streets. So traverse we did.

Here is the fruit of, well, my labor. (P, find that charger!)

Lil P looking [not] stupid outside a hair salon.


Suzuki Massage Clinic

Swallow Poop
That is, excrement from a swallow's nest.

How many times have I walked by this little shrine without noticing it?
About 3.


Eaves and a Doorway

Tanuki Abound

Meiji Milk Box

Yellow Bike, Yellow Kirin Crate

Sorry, missed the message.

More tanuki

Mural painted by JHS kids.
Inside a big garage.

Some spritzy white flowers outside a kimono shop.


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