Saturday, June 28

Falling Prey to Consumerism

Sorry for the patheticness of this post. It's really just a Picasa trial, and even so it's been a waste of time...

Falling prey to the allure of little free things, I am now the proud owner of two panda stamps that came attached to bottles of uron-cha (oolong tea) that I would otherwise never have bought. But they're really Japanese and really cute! See, this one has a gomadango, one of my favorite sushi desserts!

And speaking of consumerism, here's the 'Nuter (copyright 2008 mboogiedown Productions), Vista and all, accompanied by the tea. And to the left you can see the old 'puter, which technically still works, albeit slooooowly and hotly and only with a fan blowing straight on it and something under it to allow for improved air flow.
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