Tuesday, May 2

C...H...S... City Honors Centaurs!

Hey, my old pal Claudia just forwarded this article to me. I guess we all knew our school was special, but little did we realize...


While high school wasn't always the best of times for me, I do know that I couldn't have been happier elsewhere. Especially during the Anelli years, it wasn't just academics that made our school great. I don't know how things are today at CHS, but back then kids were made to feel like capable adults. Our minds were challenged, we were encouraged and supported creatively. We were given many privileges, but with them developed a sense of responsibility. Of course, many times we took them for granted, being teenagers and all, but I think we can all say now how much we really appreciated them.

Happy Things I Remember About City Honors:

1. Music at the end of the morning announcements, to accompany us to second period. I still remember the day they played the Japanese rap song from De La Soul's Buhloone Mind State.

2. Carpets in the hallways - allowed for much lamping before school and between classes and just plain made it cozier.

3. Putting during lunch in Mr. Duggan's classroom... and in the hallway!

4. Mr. Duggan's class!!! We didn't use desks, instead sat in a circle in our chairs or on the floor in the middle with big pillows or stuffed animals to recline on.

5. Class Crier! A Howell Family Tradition.

6. Coming up early from lunch one too many times and getting caught by Mrs. Pope and having to serve my one detention. Boy, that sucked - the guy who did detention never showed, so we had to sit outside Mrs. Pope's office the whole time!

7. Outside for lunch on the lawn in June.


9. Slayer

10. Mr. Duggan and Mr. Soffin's Summer SAT Class. I went up like 300 points from the PSAT. Also, who better to spend a summer class with?


12. Soccer – even though I sucked, it was a great experience.

13. My brother. During those years he became a really neat person and I actually began to like him quite a bit.

14. Finishing most of your exams in May.

15. Getting to read Horacio Quiroga in Sra. Cedeno’s class.

16. Yearbook – each Senior having their own half-page to do whatever. And being on yearbook and putting the pages together all on our own – cropping, layouts, text, everything. Pica!

17. 20 Elmwood

18. The mix of folks you got there. God Bless the Magnet Schools.

19. The view from Mr. Duggan’s room.

20. The Nahoma Moss Room, where I found my grandparents’ yearbooks from the 20’s.

21. Those big windows perfect for daydreaming.

22. Fitz’s “Senior Government Project.” I mean the one he made.

23. Extended lunch for band and chorus. Except I wasn’t in band or chorus, so I just got the extended lunch.

24. Our mascot was a centaur. The good one.

I’m sure there are more, but I’ll leave it at that.


Blogger Todd said...

Aww, I made the list of Happy Memories from CHS. I have to say that little trip down memory lane got me all nostalgic for the good ol' days. I loved almost every minute of highschool (after Freshman year, mostly). Yes, it was an awkward time but it was also a great time of growth; both educationally and personally.

Enjoy yo sunshine in the Orient. It's been glorious here too.

12:54 AM


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