Monday, May 1

Valor Drugs is Not Targe'

Wow, guess how much a 3-pack of Listerine strips costs here? Six hundred and twenty-eight yen.

628 yen.

roppyaku niju en

That's about US$5.50.

How much does that noise cost in the States? Like $2? Friggin' A!

And I paid a butt and a half for women's shave cream (which I never used to buy anyway) and a stupid file for the "dogs." (Does that make it a pede-file?) For a total of about 1300 yen. About $11.

Note to self: Hit up Target mad crazy hard when I go home.

This is after spending more than 4,000 yen at the grocery store this evening. All on stupid vegetables to try to make stupid guacamole.

I haven't even gotten paid yet!!!

Man, this country is expensive!!! But I love it anyway!


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