Wednesday, May 3

Tsumago made, Tsumago kara #1

Today's adventure finds our heroine at the Magome point on the old Nakasendo. I'd say Nakasendo Road, but that's redundant. Like a PIN number or some other acronym that we can't handle on its own.

Anywho, it took me longer than necessary to get there because, true to form, I got lost. Well, not really, I just didn't know the whole way. The map I have is minimal, so I knew the two major roads, but from there I was at a loss. Fortunately my Japanese was sufficient enough to understand "Gasorin stando" and the motion for "left."

So, while it should have taken about a half an hour, it took me closer to an hour, plus trying to find where the heck to park. Posted by Picasa


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